Dorking Aikido and Kenjutsu Dojo

Welcome to our Dojo! Here we practice Aikido alongside the Kenjutsu (sword form) of Kashima No Tachi.

Aikido is a modern Japanese form of self-defence created from other martial arts by Morihei Ueshiba around 1930.

The Kashima No tachi is a sword practice that originates from Japan and has been passed down to us through teachers of the Shiseikan Dojo in Japan.



Weekly Classes for adults and teenagers

  • Mondays 10am- 11.45am term time only at the Dorking Sports Centre
  • Wednesdays 7-9pm throughout the year at The Westcott Reading Room

Six Classes a term for kids (8-12 years old)

  • Monday 24th of February 2020 from 4.15- 5.30pm at The Westcott Reading Room
  • Monday 9th of March 2020 from 4.15- 5.30pm at The Westcott Reading Room
  • Monday 23rd of March 2020 from 4.15- 5.30pm at The Westcott Reading Room


The Westcott Reading Room, Institute Rd, Guildford Rd, Wesctott, RH4 3NP.
Dorking Sports Centre, Reigate Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1SN.

Class fees

  • Single class fees: Adult £15, Teenager £12, Child £9(trial)
  • Block advance booking fees:
    • 5 consecutive classes: Adult £55, Teenager £45
    • 10 consecutive classes: Adult £100
    • Children: 3 classes each half term: £25

About the Dojo

The Dojo was originally set up in Battersea, London by Nicola Endicott in 1998. A Dorking branch was set up in 2007 and all classes moved to Dorking in autumn 2008.

Our Dojo is a member of the International Shiseikan Budo Association (ISBA).

The main teacher at the Dojo, is Nicola Endicott, who is a 3rd DAN and has been teaching for over 20 years. She is DBS checked through the Amateur Martial Arts Association.

About Aikido and Kenjutsu

In order to practice Aikido and Kenjutsu we practice developing a calm presence and a good connection with ourselves, on both a physical, emotional and mental level. The class normally starts with a ‘warm-up’, during which time we do breathing, stretching and centering exercises. These give us a good foundation from which to practice Aikido and Kenjutsu.

Joining the Dojo

You can join the Dojo at anytime of the year. Beginners are welcome!

Adults and teenagers are asked to watch a class first, for which there is no charge. Then, join in on the next class.

Annual membership fee

After an initial trial class you will need to become a member of the Dojo, this is £30 a year for adults, £24 for teenagers and £18 for children. This membership includes martial art insurance.

What to wear:

You can wear a tracksuit bottom and a long sleeve t-shirt when you first start classes. The Dojo may be able to lend you a white keikogi suit for the first few weeks. After that you will be expected to buy your own white Aikido suit.


The Dojo will provide spare wooden swords or other weapons when you first join. Subsequently, you will be expected to purchase your own sword. We recommend to buy them through ninecircles website. Please speak to the teacher prior to doing so, to make sure you purchase the correct equipment.


Send an email

You can also contact Nicola Endicott on 01306640389